Looking to place your Photography Business on Google?

When we hustle to grow our business, digital marketing and placing ourselves on Google becomes our top priority for the expansion of it. We just have that one thing on our mind that when people search for the product we sell, we should appear first on their search screen.

People think that Photography business is the business of word of mouth, but we forget the new generation believes in the Google God. This new generation asks for your online reference every now and then before they finalise you for photographing their next event.

While it is captivating to watch ourselves on Google, at the same time it is either a costly affair or it's a time consuming job as it is too technical to get the knowhow of Google!

Don’t worry, we bring you 6 simple steps that will easily get your photography business on Google Search.

1. Create your Free Profile on www.opicxo.com (Opicxo is India’s First and the largest search engine and marketplace for photographers) and generate your own, one page photography portfolio URL on Opicxo.


2. Upload your best cover photo and profile picture

3. Upload your business information - Add your contact details, studio details, appropriately.

4. Upload about your business details in 2 or 3 paragraphs in the “About us” category. Use certain keywords like “Best Photographer in ____________ (city/area name)” or “Best ___________ (category of photography like wedding, pre-wedding, maternity, product, food) Photographer” or combination of both.

5. Upload your best photographs and video links into the category you have selected.

6. Share your profile on your social forums and to your friends and customer groups. More visits will increase the impression of your unique profile page.

Once you complete these steps, try searching your studio name on Google a couple of times. Also keep changing your profile cover page, profile photos and about us information every now and then so that you get a good chance of google crawling.

To get more from Opicxo, you can also subscribe to their paid version of one page portfolio, where you get more space to showcase your photography business and you have a better chance to get leads of different photography events.

Couple of Profiles which are already on the google:

Search “Bollywood Studio Surat” on Google (www.opicxo.com/bollywoodstudio)
Search “Lagnasutra Aurangabad” on Google (www.opicxo.com/langanutra )
Search “pet photography in madhya pradesh” on Google (www.opicxo.com/baladigitalcolourlab)

Best wishes.