Q How can I become a channel partner with Opicxo? .
To Become our channel partner Contact: +91 9104999238
Q Is it compulsory to pay to get listed as a photographer on Opicxo? .
No, we have a free listing on the homepage of our website. However, paid listings have more advantages than free listings.
Q How many categories I can subscribe to as a photographer? .
Well it totally depends upon the plan you choose to subscribe in the listing.
Q How can I register on Opicxo? .

Step1: Create your login

Step2: Register

Step3: Pay subscription

Step4: Complete your profile

Q How do I pay to become a registered photographer? .
During your registration process, you will be directed to payment gateway
Q Can a freelancing service provider get listed on Opicxo? .
Yes, any service provider like Freelancing Photographers, editors, album makers, instrument providers, LED providers or any vendor who can be a support system of the photographer during an event can register on opicxo.
Q My camera RAW file extension is not the in the list? Can you support it? .
There are many different extensions being offered by camera manufacturers that you need support for. Good thing about SnapSelector is that you can add it easily without even needing our help to do it. Here are the steps to add a new extension into the SnapSelector Desktop App.

Step 1. Go to the location where opicxo is installed For Ex., C:\Programdata\opicxo.
Screen 1

Step 2. Open File with name CameraRawFileExtensions.txt It has list of extension that are displayed on the snap selector app.
Screen 2
Screen 3

Step 3. Add extension that you want to display on the app and save the file. For Ex., I am adding an ARW extension. Just make sure that you add it into the new line.
Screen 4

Step 4. Close SnapSelector application and Open again, the new extension will be displayed on the app.
Screen 5

Step 5. Now you can transfer file of your selected format. Enjoy!
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