Making Customer Presentations easy!

We click thousands of photographs with hundreds of customers at different places every year. Most of us are unorganised, we do not use processes and systems for managing our business. The irony of our life is though we belong to the art and innovation industry, most of us hardly use online platforms to store, manage and present our work.

Even during our urgent meetings, we struggle to present to the best of our ability, just because we do not have any platform where we can lean on and present the finest of all our work. At times, our identity stays just as a Wedding Photographer, however, we are an expert in many other fields of photography.

Adding to the current problems of presentations, we also struggle to share our work online as our work is posted on different social media platforms and customers do not have time to watch all the links we send to them.

There are many more problems like these. But, for now let’s talk about the standalone platform helping the photographers community to manage the customer presentations in an easy, fun loving and convenient way. Have you tried yet?

This wonderful platform solves all the problems of presenting to your customers. The portal offers 100+ photography categories wherein each category you can upload the best of your 20 photographs and video links with ease. The best part is that you can also mention all your business information like, your brand logo, business address, contact details, social media links and so on. Just like your social media pages, you can send it to your customers with a simple share button to any platform. Your customers can further like and share your Opicxo Profile, they can book you and get exciting payment options including EMIs.

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