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 Let me save you time in your search for the best Marathi wedding photography poses for couples, which you can request your photographer to capture at your wedding.

So, who am I? Having attended over 70 Marathi weddings as a professional photographer in the last 11 years, I've gained a keen sense of the moments and timings perfect for capturing those unforgettable shots. I understand what couples look for in their wedding pictures. Today, I'm excited to share with you my personal top 29 Marathi couple wedding moment poses that are truly worth capturing.

I've captured these love-filled moments across various Marathi wedding rituals. So, let's get started.


Couple Marathi Wedding Photography Poses During Wedding Rituals


1. The Royal Enchantment 

Capture the couple in traditional Marathi attire, with the bride in a Nauvari saree and the groom in a Dhoti-Kurta, posing regally as if they were Maharashtrian royalty.


2. Eternal Vows Under the Mandap

A romantic shot of the couple exchanging vows or garlands under the beautifully decorated mandap, symbolizing the sacredness of their union.


3. Whisper of Love

A close-up pose where the groom whispers something in the bride's ear, capturing a moment of intimate communication and laughter.

Source: Weddingwire

4. The Forehead Kiss

 tender pose where the groom kisses the bride's forehead, symbolizing respect and affection

Source: Wedmegood

5. Hand-in-Hand

Capture the couple walking hand-in-hand, symbolizing their journey together. This can be shot in a garden or along a scenic path.

Source: Chitrakathabypr

6. Reflection of Souls

 A creative pose where the couple is captured in front of a mirror or reflective surface, showing their connected souls.

Source: Pinterest

7. Twirl of Happiness

A playful pose where the bride twirls in her saree, with the groom watching her, capturing the joy and vibrancy of the wedding.

Source: Pinterest

8. The Shared Look

A pose capturing the couple as they share a loving look, possibly during the wedding rituals, highlighting their emotional bond. 

Source: Weddingwire

9. Umbrella of Love

A romantic pose with the couple under a traditional Maharashtrian umbrella, symbolizing protection and togetherness.

Source: Pinterest

10. The Promise of Forever

A pose capturing the moment of the couple holding hands, with focus on the rings, symbolizing their eternal commitment

Source: Pinterest

11. Silhouette of Love

A silhouette shot taken during sunset, capturing the outlines of the couple against the beautiful sky, creating a romantic and timeless image.

Source: Tantra

12. Laughter and Joy

Candid shots of the couple laughing together, showcasing the happiness and light-hearted moments of the wedding.

Source: Matei Horvath

13. The Grand Exit

A shot of the couple leaving the wedding venue, with guests showering them with flowers or rice, capturing the festive spirit of the occasion.

Source: Ramibatra

14. Candid Conversations

A natural shot of the couple talking or sharing a moment during the ceremony, highlighting their chemistry and connection.

Source: Shaadiwish

15. Traditional Dance Pose

A pose where the couple is engaged in a traditional Maharashtrian dance, capturing the cultural essence of the wedding.

Source: Pinterest

16. Blessings from Elders

 A pose capturing the couple receiving blessings from their elders, showcasing respect and love.

Source: Kelly Waterman

17. Mangalashtak Moment

Capturing the sacred moment during the Mangalashtak, with the couple's expressions as they are showered with rice

Source: WeddingWire

18. The Garland Exchange (Jaimala)

A vibrant and lively pose where the couple exchanges garlands, symbolizing acceptance and unity.

Source: Shaadiwish

19. Saptapadi Steps

A pose capturing the couple taking the seven sacred steps around the fire, a crucial part of the Marathi wedding ceremony.

Source: ShaadiWish

20. Groom's Arrival on Horseback

A majestic pose of the groom arriving at the wedding venue on a horse, depicting traditional grandeur.

Source: Z Molu

21. Intimate Moment on the Swing (Jhula)

Source: Pinterest

22. The Haldi Ceremony

Candid shots of the couple during the Haldi ceremony, covered in turmeric paste, surrounded by laughter and fun.

Source: Pinterest

23. The Ring Finding Game

A playful pose where the couple is engaged in the traditional ring-finding game, reflecting joy and competitiveness.

24. The Veil of Flowers (Antarpat)

A unique pose capturing the moment just before the veil is lowered, symbolizing the anticipation of seeing each other.

Source: WeddingWire

25. Feeding Sweets (Aanandache Zad)

A sweet pose where the couple feeds each other, symbolizing care and affection.

Source: Pinterest

26. The Sacred Fire Witness

A solemn pose with the couple making offerings to the sacred fire, capturing the sanctity of the vows.

27. The Vidaai

An emotional farewell pose, capturing the bride's departure with her groom, symbolizing the start of a new journey

Source: Divishth

28. Stolen Glances

 A candid shot of the couple exchanging glances amidst the ceremonies, capturing unspoken love and connection.

Source: Pinterest

29. The Footprint Ritual

 A pose capturing the bride entering her new home, leaving footprints, symbolizing the start of a new chapter.

Source: WeddingWire


Marathi wedding rituals before marriage - Maharashtrian Wedding


1) Sakhar Puda

SakharPuda, a ring exchange ceremony, marks the beginning of a beautiful journey. As a photographer, I capture the exchange of candy bags, symbolizing the sweet beginning of a new relationship. The exchange of rings, combining modernity and tradition, adds a dynamic that I like to focus on, capturing the couple with joy and hope in their eyes.

2) Simant Pujan

In Simant Pujan, the arrival of the groom is welcomed with traditional rituals. I focus on the simple moment when the bride and her mother wash the groom's feet, as a sign of care and respect. The exchange of gifts and laughter at this event provides plenty of candid photos to capture.

3) Kelvan

Kelvan is a heartwarming ritual where families gather for a meal. My focus is usually on simple glances, shared smiles and the warmth of family love. Capturing these moments is like preserving the essence of family ties and traditions.

4) Haldi or Haldi Chadawa/Chadana ceremony

The Haldi ritual has different colors and emotions. Due to its cleansing properties, turmeric paste can capture fun and social enjoyment. A bright yellow smile in the background makes the image brighter and more memorable.

5) Gaurihar/Gourihar Puja

Gaurihar Puja, the bride wears a flower necklace around her head and she worships goddess Gauri. The burning spiritual understanding can be seen in the story of the bride, which I try to capture in the frame. The elegance and prestige of this ceremony will add depth to your wedding album.

6) Antaparti ritual

The Antarpati ceremony, with its symbolic veil between the bride and groom, is a time of confusion and joy. The mood of the people and the moment when the first glance was exchanged are the moments that are expected from the two people. The combination of tradition and creativity makes it perfect for casual photos.

7) Kanyadaan Ritual

Kanyadaan is perhaps the most emotional ceremony. The beautiful features of the father when his daughter gives to her husband, is a moment that must be photographed carefully. A show that speaks a thousand words about love, death and new beginnings.

8) Saptapadi ritual

Saptapadi, the seven-step ceremony. Every step, vow, contest and journey around the sacred fire has deep meaning. When I was photographing this scene, I focused on the couple and their facial expressions: the combination of vows, the happiness and the truth of their vows.

9) Karma Samapti Ritual

Karmasamapati means wise decision making. The turns of the bride and her brother in the groom's ear represent new responsibilities and bring smiles and laughter, completing the faithful picture. The combination of formality and fun in the world of events captures the spirit of a Marathi wedding.

Post Wedding Rituals in a Marathi Wedding

10) Varat

Varat is always known as Vidaai. Capturing the tears and smiles of the bride and her family afterwards is challenging and rewarding as a photographer. These images capture the essence of change and new beginnings.

11) Grihapravesh

Finally, Grihapravesh is a Event of welcome and new adventures for brides. I capture the bride arriving at her new home, her welcoming rituals and the emotions of her family with warmth and anticipation. Crossing the threshold is not only a physical moment, but also symbolic and meaningful.


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