Maternity & Pregnancy Photoshoot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every girl dreams of being a mother the moment she knows she can carry a life in her womb. The maternity period of her life is the most cherished months of her life,

she endures every pain and challenges to bring the baby in this world. A maternity shoot captures all the raw emotional moments of to be expectant parents. 

Planning Your Maternity Photoshoot

One of the best experiences one can have in his or her life is planning their maternity shoot.

One of the most creative and versatile kinds of shoots is maternity photoshoot. It can be very exciting and a memorable phase of one’s life. 

Here are some ways to help you plan your Maternity Shoot hassle free.

  • Get you time fixed
  • Choose your desired location
  • Finalize your photographer
  • Let them know your style and preference. 
  • Wardrobe functioning 
  • Hair and Makeup artist
  • Element of surprises
  • Researched poses
  • Include your favorite people
  • Editing of your pictures.


Planning your maternity shoot is very important so that you can have a pleasant experience while getting it shot.

Your baby bump should be visible and comfortable enough for you to get the shoot done right. The right time of having your shot is 28 weeks to 26 weeks of your pregnancy.

Though having your shot must be very important to you, keeping in mind about the wellness of you and the baby is very necessary.

Another important aspect of your shoot is having a skilled photographer, who is going to capture your memorable pictures, within your budget though. 

Wardrobe and Styling Tips

Carrying about 3 or 4  pairs of clothes is what we suggest to bring different aspects to your pictures.

You could choose a casual outfit, a formal one, and one lingerie paired with a shirt to give your bump a blissful look. Or the best way is choosing one kind with different colors and patterns to bring a serenity to your pictures. 

Maternity Photoshoot Locations

Normal Outside Settings:


1) Parks: Neighborhood parks, greenhouses, and nature holds give wonderful backgrounds lavish plant life, bright blossoms, and quiet lakes or lakes.


2) Sea shores: In the event that you live close to the coast, an ocean side can offer a beautiful setting with the sea, sand hills, and stunning nightfalls.


3) Woodlands or Lush Regions: Lush regions with tall trees, plants, and streams can make an enchanted and rural air.


4) Fields: Open fields, particularly during dawn or dusk, can furnish a staggering scenery with brilliant daylight and tall grass.


Metropolitan and Engineering Areas:


Cityscapes: In the event that you lean toward a metropolitan energy, think about shooting in a city. Downtown regions with tall structures, bright wall paintings, and overcrowded roads can make a cutting edge and dynamic feel.


Indoor Settings:


1) Your Home: A private and individual area, your home can give a comfortable and open setting for maternity photographs. Think about regions with great regular light, like the nursery or room.


2) Studios: Proficient photography studios are made with different foundations, props, and controlled lighting arrangements. They offer a more controlled climate for creative photographs.


3) Exceptional  Areas: Areas with individual importance, for example, where you initially met your partner, the place of your commitment, or a family-claimed estate, can enhance your photographs.


4) Occasional Areas: Consider the season for your photoshoot. Contingent upon the season, you could pick areas like plantations for apple picking in the fall or a frigid scene in winter.


5) Luxury areas:  Make it a point to break new ground. You can pick special areas like craftsmanship displays, book shops, rare shops, or even a tourist balloon for an exceptional encounter.


Poses and Posing Tips

Pregnancy is a very special phase in a girl’s life, which can be celebrated by having a maternity photoshoot.

Here are some ideas for the poses which can help you enhance your pictures and highlight your expecting child. 



  • Hold your belly from your front side.

  • Hold your belly at 45 degrees

  • Show your Sonography

  • Having a Milk bath

  • Holding some accessory of baby

  • Sunbathing

  • Legs crossed

  • Leaning on a wall

  • Looking at the belly

  • In the tub




  • Holding hands

  • Holding the sonography as a couple

  • Face to face

  • Partner holding a baby’s item

  • Partner kissing the belly

  • Foreground and background

  • Mom and Dad’s hands on the belly 

  • Hand heart on belly




  • Dad and older child touching the belly 

  • Running towards the parents 

  • Dad kissing the belly and the older child on top kissing mom




  • Face the camera at 45 degree for more beautiful pictures 

  • Schedule your shoot during a golden hour to have soft and warm lights 

  • Wear a comfortable outfit to show your natural beauty. 


Creative Photoshoot Ideas


The more creative you get with your photographs, the more refreshing pictures, the ideas will help you enhance your creativity. 


Here are some examples for some creative photoshoot


  • Hug the pregnant belly

  • Get creative with the props 

  • Matching outfits

  • Capturing intimate Moments

  • Colored smoke

  • Share a kiss

  • With your pets

  • In the bathtub

  • Black and white 

  • At the beach 

And many 


Hairstyles and Makeup


Getting your hair done by experts will be a great choice. Consult your photographer and stylist both for hairstyles which suit your face. You’ll find many mothers opting for open hairs or loose tied hair as it gives a very pleasant and warm look

Makeup is something very personal to everyone, it depends on the location of the shoot, as makeup will look different in both natural and studio light. Getting yourself a makeup artist will  suggest you the perfect makeup.


Maternity Photoshoot Quotes


When you are all set with your maternity edited pictures,  and ready to share them all you need is perfect captions to match with them.  Here is a list of some best hand picked captions for you pictures


  • A new roommate was expected.

  • I’m so cute, my parents are having another!

  • Boy, oh, boy! We’re expecting a bundle of joy.

  • The best gifts are homemade.

  • I grow as a human. What’s your superpower?

  • We are adding a new pair of ears to our family.

  • Summer breeze… and a baby, please!

  • Flowers aren’t the only thing growing this spring, and so is our family!

  • No tricks, just a treat, our family is growing by two little feet.

  • Little bundle loading…


DIY Maternity Photoshoot at Home


Many parents don’t feel comfortable getting their intimate pictures captured, so the best way they can do is getting a DIY maternity photoshoot at home. Here is a list of things you should get for a perfect maternity shoot at home.


  • Using a tripod and a self timer

  • Getting yourself a helper(sister or friend)

  • Choosing perfect places and poses 

  • Getting some lights 

  • Choosing comfortable and perfect clothes 

  • Researching best poses 

  • Opting for themes and going along with trends 

  • Using props 

  • Including pets and siblings 


Conclusion and Next Steps


Your maternity phase is an exceptional and wonderful experience, and a maternity photoshoot can help you with loving those minutes for eternity.

To know further into these subtopics and gain experiences into making the ideal maternity photographs, have a look at our blog's detailed articles. Whether you're an expecting mother hoping to catch the thrill of shoots or a photographic artist looking for motivation, there's a thing here for everybody. 


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