20 Newborn baby girl photoshoot ideas at home


What new parent doesn't have a phone full of baby pictures? Am I right? Hi, I'm Midhu. I'm a mom of two little girls and I take pictures for a living, so my camera roll is insane.

And oh, do I have photos. As a pro Newborn baby photographer and a parent, I know a thing or two about taking ridiculously adorable baby photos that you can't help but print. In this blog, I'm going to show you modern setups that could easily be used for newborn baby girl photoshoot ideas at home. All you really need is your baby and a camera phone.

Newborn baby girl photoshoot ideas at home

Mastering the Basics of Newborn Baby Girl Photoshoot at Home

Let's get started now, before we dive into my creative baby photo ideas, make sure you bookmark Opicxo blogs for more genius photography hacks, family photo ideas, and so much more.

Between running after my little ones and running my own business as a baby photographer, I don't have much time to scrapbooks or be on my laptop to edit photos.

We're going to start off really simple. Think of this as your creative warm up. First, choose a spot next to a nice sunny window where you get plenty of indirect light.

1. Mugful of Joy

Picture of baby girl with cup over there belly

If there's a cozy rug on the floor, even better, grab your cute baby and also grab a coffee mug. If you're a tea drinker, a teacup works too, but me? I'm a coffee girl. Hold the mug over the baby's belly so it covers most of their midsection and starts snapping away. It's too cute and it takes seconds to do.

2. Melon Moments

Watermelon on top of baby

Now let's try it with something else. Let's try watermelon. If you're feeling adventurous, go grab a cozy blanket and spread that out on the ground next to your window. Same thing. Hold the fruit up so it covers your baby's belly in the frame and starts snapping away.

3. Cozy Corner Chronicles

Cozy background photo click on cream surface with baby

4. Tea Time Tots


Look at you. You're a natural photographer. Now I think you're ready to have some fun. Let me just grab this little nugget and let's try something else. This trick works on pretty much anything, but I tend to feel like roundish objects look best for an easy, inexpensive, colorful background.

Grab some poster board. If you love potatoes, try a potato. Got a tomato? Try a tomato. Your kitchen is your set up bag.

Creative Newborn Baby Girl Photoshoot Ideas Indoor

But speaking of kitchens, if you're ready to take things to the next level, you can set up a little scene. I love working with these vinyl backgrounds. They're beautiful and really durable.

5. Cookie Cradle Delight

Cookie holding mother on belly of baby

Made 5 using cookie beside baby girl

I have some baking essentials to go along with my cookie theme. And boom. Look at that. How cute would this be as the Cover of a family cookbook? These are just a few examples of how you can have fun with food.

But the options really are endless.

Chances are the first photo you ever had printed of your baby was a sonogram. So I love the idea of taking a before and after picture with this memento.

6. Baby with Sonogram

made heart style on left side of baby using sonogram images on bed

Start with your adorable sleeping baby girl.

It's okay. If these don't work out perfectly the first time, here's what you're going to do.You have to get the whole scene ready. You have to set her up in it, and wait for her to fall back asleep.

We're going to use the headboard of the bed to create a cozy photo background. Drape a blanket over the headboard and spread it out on the bed. The higher the headboard, the better, because it's going to give you some more space to work with.

7. Gentle Elevation: The Towel Lift Pose

One trick I like to use with blanket pictures like this is to roll up a towel and use it to prop up the baby just a little bit. You'll be able to get a better picture of their face this way.

8. Belly Rest with a Touch of Charm

Baby resting on belly while naked

Baby girls love being on her belly. They go right back to sleep. Now, since the background is so simple, you may want to play around with accessories to jazz this picture up a little bit.

Move your camera around and experiment with different angles. This is why I love to use a sleeping baby in pictures like this.

Oh, she looks like a little princess. If your phone has portrait mode, this is a great time to turn it on with a blanket photo like this.

It just sort of softens the background and makes it look more professional. See the difference?

Newborn Baby Girl Photoshoot Ideas at Home Outdoor

We're going to take some mirror photos, Okay. I'm obsessed with this idea. I love, love, love taking photos like this.

Even if you have a big, beautiful mirror in your house, do not use it.

9. Reflections of Innocence

little baby girl on mirror

You want to get yourself a safety mirror for this? You can find them everywhere. I got this one on Amazon.

10. Garden Gaze

baby sitting on mirror and her face is reflecting

They're non expensive. This way you know it's not going to crack or break or hurt the baby. Plus, this is just the best toy ever to have for your baby. I highly recommend getting one just for sensory play in general, using it for pictures is just a bonus.

Now with this you're going to have to move around a little bit to make sure that you can't see yourself or your phone in the reflection if you want to take this to the next level.

11. Floral Fantasy Reflections

flowers are around baby which sitting on mirror

12. Nature's Mirror

And I highly recommend that you take your mirror outside. Grabbing a few flowers from the garden, putting that on the mirror, it all just adds to the look and it's really, really fun. This works really well, especially with a smaller mirror like this because the reflection that you're seeing is of the sky and of the grass and it just looks beautiful. If you love taking pictures, this is a really fun idea to play around with.

Capturing Baby Girl's Unique Features

This setup is perfect for monthly photo updates and super classics.

I'm going to use my vinyl photo background for this one, but any simple surface will do. I'm grabbing whatever's close by to hold down those edges. This is the time to use a good quality faux flower. I think fake tulips look the most realistic. Real flowers wilt.

13. Bloom and Grow

behind baby roses are set in half circle

They get messy and that's not what you want with a baby. If you plan on using this setup for a monthly photo update, faux flowers are going to keep your pictures consistent. So consider these an investment that you could use from month to month. Now you can use the flowers in many different ways. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration.

14. Love Blossom

created heart shape and on right while connecting both edge baby is sleeping

I really wanted to make a heart shape using these tulips and chloe to fill in the rest. You get the idea.You have to stay flexible when you're working with babies. Cut yourself some slack.

You have to scoot her to the middle and play around a little bit. Most faux flowers have some sort of floral wire that runs through them, so you should be able to bend them to create any if you need.

15. Budding Beauty

on right 2 is design using flower which shows monthly counting of baby

This is a great way for her to practice her tummy time. This one feels really classic and feminine to me.

Oh, one really fun idea if you're using this setup for monthly photo updates is to theme the flowers to the specific month. There are lists online, but January is carnation, February is violets, et cetera, et cetera. And then at the end, you can make a book.

16. Tulip Tenderness

4-4 roses are set beside baby girl and blanket is over them

This idea is so simple, but ends up looking so professional. I'm putting down a blanket for some padding, but you can do this on any comfortable surface.

17. Seasonal Sprout

Pro tip if you're going to take pictures without a diaper on, make sure you add a puppy pad underneath. Whatever your background is, it's going to give you peace of mind and will make cleanup a lot easier. Heaven forbid. Now on top of that, You have to add a piece of black fabric. Use any fabric, anything works, it's going to disappear into the background, so use whatever you have on hand.

Black Background and Phone tripod

For this setup, you're going to need an extra set of hands. So either grab another person or grab an inexpensive phone tripod(Product link). They sell these for less than ₹500 and they usually have a bluetooth remote. This way you can set up the timer, snap a photo and your hands can be busy holding your baby.

18. Levitating Lullaby

baby on black background while hands are holding them up side

You'll see when you cradle your little one in your hands, the black background gives the illusion that you are actually holding them up midair.

19. Noir Nestling

baby sleeping on black back ground and black blanket in on her, only face revealing

20. Embrace in the Shadows

You can do some really fun things with this. Make sure to crop out any floor if that creeps into your picture and what you're left with is something that looks like this. I love this idea for a birth announcement photo or even a holiday card. Super, super chic. You have everything you need to take amazing baby pictures right on your phone.

Get creative. Take the pictures and print them because every day is a big deal when you're a new parent. So on most phones you have the ability to edit your pictures right in your camera roll. I like to boost the brightness, contrast and saturation. If you like a softer, dreamier vibe, you want to bring those elements down for a gentler look.

Once you nail the look and feel that you want, send those pictures to print. That way you get those pictures off of your phone and into your family's hands so they can hold on to what really matters. Drop any photo questions you have in the comments section below. If you are looking for some more photo info, follow Opicxo on Instagram. See you soon.

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