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Also shoots in: Ahmedabad, Goa, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Surat, Deesa, Gandhidham



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The young, diligent and passionate Viju Khatri who is owner and founder of Papaji Photography began his journey in 2003. Viju Khatri, the mastermind behind Papaji Photography is renowned for his keen eye for detail which has led him on a blazing path of success. Through his unique perspective and expertise, he aims at making such momentous occasions eternal treasures. He and his team has shot more than 2000 weddings . Taking an intimate, personal approach to their clients, they capture unmatched, unique moments of weddings that have never been explored before. With a carefully handpicked team of photographers and cinematographers, they are known for their unique style of wedding stories that is rooted in the couple’s unique story. Irrespective of your wedding destination, this team believes in creating the most convivial environment so that you are at your natural best. They gather the best from your most splendid moments so that you can revisit them at your heart’s content.