About Raj Kishan Motion & Pictures

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We as Raj Kishan Motion and Pictures are one of the Best Wedding and event Photographers in India . Events such as weddings are about traditions and rituals, about momentous moments, about journeys of discovery and about new relationships. To cement all of that together you need something strong, something beautiful and something everlasting. That’s what Rajkishan Motion and Pictures creates for your beautiful memories that outlive time and space with our specialized Candid Photography. We create unique, vibrant and expressive photographs. Whether it be the exotic pre-wedding couple shoot or an event from wedding days or corporate event or Commercial shoot or Fashion week or Celebration , our documentary style candid photography will certainly leave an impression.Our wedding films are a visual delight. It transports you back to the time of the celebrations and brings back all those emotions vividly. These are high production movie like films, beautifully summarizing all your rituals and festivities. We are destination wedding photographers who have been shooting events in India and around the world extensively for more than 25+ years.