About Snapbyte studios

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Thriving with 8+ years of experience, Umang gangwani is an enthusiastic budding entrepreneur and philanthropist.⭐️ . . He started his journey when he was just 19 and had only one aim in mind, I.e, to convert moments into memories to be cherished forever.😍😍 . . With over 400 clients, Umang is specialised in maternity, baby and wedding shoots. Not to forget that he has hands on product photography and food photography as well.❤️ . As his passion, he loves to travel and marking his presence everywhere he goes. . A coffee aficionado, if not at work you’d find him building his family business and helping strike a difference. ⭐️

No. of Employees: 6
Services Offered: ⭐️Baby Photography USP ⭐️ Maternity Shoot ⭐️ Wedding Shoot ⭐️Product Shoot ⭐️ Fashion Shoot ⭐️ Events of all kinds ⭐️Videography and Reel making