SnapSelector Terms

In addition to the general terms and conditions, the SnapSelector services and the resulting product, services, website, mobile app, desktop app, cloud space, photo upload services, photo sharing services or any other services related to SnapSelector are governed by following terms.

Opicxo will take utmost care to ensure that SnapSelector services will be secured, defect free and will be always available however because SnapSelector services utilizes third party cloud services for app availability, listing, storage, image processing, compression, un-compression, delivery, sharing, caching and monitoring services and it largely depends on the reliability of such third-party service providers and offers no guarantee for security, uptime, service quality or defects.

SnapSelector utilizes your account created at for authentication and identification purposes to offer secured delivery of the services.

Opicxo requires and assumes that you, as a studio or as a photographer, have taken explicit prior permission from your customer to upload the photos of your customers using at Opicxo and creating your customer account with Opicxo for delivering the photography services to your customers via SnapSelector.

Photos uploaded by you will be stored into the cloud storage space till the period of your active subscription and will be removed from the storage after expiration of your subscription. Opicxo may use the photos you upload for internal training, testing and development purposes.

Moreover, your customer will receive notifications from Opicxo via emails, SMS or mobile app notifications related to their account at Opicxo.