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Mr. Arun Kumar Roy the man behind the show has been associated with wedding photography since ages and has been a celebrity photographer himself , its under his vision his sons Nirmal & Bhuvan Roy got the inspiration to build up on his foundation. Now we are one of the reputed names in the wedding photography industry and have added loads of starry names as clients on our reputed client list and are followed by more than 1 lac genuine satisfied clients who adore and love our work. Nirmal Roy thats me , I entered this industry in 2010 after doing my Masters in Commerce then have got trained From Indian Institute of Photography got a diploma on advanced fashion photography then gone to renowned fashion photographer in Noida Mr. Rahul Dutta Sir where i have learned practical knowledge on market situations & themed fashion photography , i took up this work as a challenge, since then till today i am trying to converge a product which has the best of everything , the best in image capturing, the best in presentation , and the best in cinematography as well. In this industry people promise a lot but a few deliver, few years down the line everything wears out but its the album that stands out. WE ARE LOVED AND RESPECTED FOR OUR CINEMATIC VIDEOS AND COFFEE BOOK ALBUMS AND THAT IS WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT. About Us... STUDIO MEENA powered by imaging experts Nirmal & Bhuvan Roy is the most innovative Wedding photography company . Started way back in 1970 as a small time photo studio at Kolkata at Titagarh , now has its presence in Bilaspur as one of the most organised players in wedding photography business with a large team of wedding professionals ranging from photographers to cinematographers , album designers to video editors , and has also done interstate destination weddings. We have tried to emerge as a picture company which delivers moments in a unique flavour which makes them feel like yesterday.

No. of Employees: 4
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