SuperSite Terms

In addition to the general terms and conditions, the SuperSite services and the resulting product, services, website or any other services are governed by following terms.

SuperSite services depends on the use of website domain name mapped to your Opicxo business profile. A domain is registered through our partner domain registrar and in the name of Opicxo Techserv Pvt Ltd. Website Domain requires to be renew at the end of a year or the duration for which it is booked. And failure to renew Opicxo SuperSite services will result in expiration of domain name. Moreover, delayed renewal will cause the domain name to go into redemption period, during which Opicxo can still renew the domain at different, more costly, price.

As a customer you get a choice to use domain bought elsewhere in your name. The domain, if booked by Opicxo, will be booked in the name of Opicxo Techserv Pvt Ltd due to technical nature of product and services to ensure that it works without any issue. In this case all the configurations related to domain name will be managed by Opicxo technical team and the access to domain panel will not be available to anyone else.

Customer need to write to Opicxo service team to request any changes needed or to get the access of the domain in case it is needed which may be available at additional cost paid in advance. In such cases, Opicxo team does not guarantee service quality or uptime for SuperSite and further support to Domain or DNS changes may be with additional cost paid in advance by customer.

In case when domain for SuperSite is already booked by customer, our technical team will get in touch with you to make appropriate change in Domain DNS records to point the domain to SuperSite Website. In such cases, Opicxo team does not guarantee service quality or uptime for SuperSite as Domain is not under direct management of Opicxo team.

Domain will be booked for the duration of year selected during ordering SuperSite. To keep the domain under your account, make sure to renew it timely. Upon expiration of SuperSite domain will be released for use for other Opicxo Customers or it may be available to be booked by anyone publicly on from domain registrar.

All the payments for SuperSite services are non-refundable and not transferable. In case if you have any question related to your payments or renewals for SuperSite, please contact our service team.